On foot &
By bike

Reisegruppe spaziert auf dem Fußweg der Rheinanlagen in Koblenz ©Koblenz-Touristik GmbH, Dominik Ketz
Footpaths to the Koblenz Summer Festival

Bike paths to the Koblenz summer festival

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On foot

Many roads lead to the Koblenz summer festival..

Starting point main station (Südstadt):
Follow the Markenbildchenweg to the Rhine. Keeping your eyes on the Rhine, turn left. From Molktestraße, follow the detour due to construction work and you will be at the site in a few minutes.
Duration approx. 30 min.

Starting point Zentralplatz (city center):
The Gymnasialstraße leads one directly to Jesuitenplatz in the worth seeing Altstadt. From there you follow the Firmungsstraße in the direction of Görresplatz, which is extended by the Rheinstraße. On this one remains until, one arrives at the Rhine bank. Who needs a small orientation help, receives a city map in the tourist information in the Forum Confluentes on the Zentralplatz.
duration approx. 15 min.

Starting point opposite bank of the Moselle (Lützel district):
Via the footpath on the Balduin Bridge, you can reach Koblenz city center and from there take a direct route to the bank of the Moselle (Peter-Altmeier-Ufer). Looking at the Moselle, turn right and follow the Peter-Altmeier-Ufer to the event area. Tip: The Ferris wheel directly at the Deutsches Eck cannot be overlooked on this route and is located in the middle of the grounds. Alternatively, the passenger ferry "Liesel" departs daily from 09.00 to 20.00 from the Lützel campsite directly to Deutsche Eck (adults € 1.60, children € 0.80)
Duration approx. 15 min.

Starting point on the opposite bank of the Rhine (Ehrenbreitstein district):
From here, the easiest way to reach the event site is by floating with the Seilbahn (prices: www.seilbahn-koblenz .de) or with the passenger ferry "Schängel Shuttle"
(prices: www.gilles-personenschifffahrt.de).

By bike

For all those who like to be sporty and want to travel by bike, the Rhine and Moselle cycle paths are ideal. For more information, please visit www.radwanderland.de