Koblenzer Sommerfest 
& Rhein in Flammen

August 12-14

Koblenz celebrates summer for three days.

Rhein in Flammen

Experience the firework display of the year!

Complete Program

3 days, 7 stages, 200 artists.

The Koblenzer Sommerfest
3 Days, 7 Stages – Complete Program
A diverse summer music festival is being celebrated on an approx. 1 mile stretch of the Rhine and Moselle river banks around the "Deutsches Eck".  More than 200 artists are performing on multiple stages, inviting 150,000 visitors to dance and relax over the course of the 3day event. Energetic world music concerts, a living room stage and the headphone (silent) disco in the cozy palace garden are no longer insider tips. "Augustas-Weingärtchen" tempts with regional wines and a special culinary selection. Rounded out by a water festival and an  ecumenical church service, the Koblenzer Sommerfest is truly a celebration for all generations. The great firework display of "Rhein in Flammen" on Saturday evening is the highlight of the entire event.The "Sommerfest" Program
Rhein in Flammen
Fireworks at the "deutsches Eck"
"Rhein in Flammen" is the event highlight of the year in the UNESCO World Heritage Region of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Each year on the second weekend of August, multiple fireworks illuminate the night sky between Spay and Koblenz with fantastic colors. The highlight of "Rhein in Flammen" takes place with a huge closing firework display above the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. Illuminated ships, reflections of sparks on glittering the Rhine and thunderous fireworks above the robust fortress make for a summer evening for the history books.Rhein-in-Flammen.com
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